NO RETURNS.  All sales are FINAL.

Program applies to qualified end-user professionals.  Not valid for distributors, agents, dealers and any other re-sale entity.  Offer only valid on purchases from authorized SePRO agents.

Rebates will be issued based on sales reported to SePRO by authorized agents within program dates.

For pesticides sold into the State of California or into the state of Washington, the distributor is instructed to add to the customer’s purchase price, an amount equal to the California Mill Tax Assessment or Washington Hazardous Tax Assessment.  SePRO will add these assessments to the Distributor’s invoice at the applicable tax rate.

Captain, Cutless, Komeen, Legacy, Musketeer, Sonar, and SeClear Algaecide and Water Quality Enhancer are registered trademarks of SePRO.

Always read and follow label directions.

SePRO reserves the right to cancel or modify this program at any time.

Associated purchase total contributions are not intended to reflect market pricing of the individual products, rather to designate a qualifying purchase total value for rebate qualification purposes only.  All products within a bundle must be purchased to qualify for an aquatic bundle Pinnacle Program purchase total contribution.  Aquatic purchases cannot qualify for multiple bundles.